Hello! We are Climate Companion

We are building the first online workspace where
climate experts can contribute to software-based climate solutions without learning to code.

Focusing on reversing global warming.

Climate Companion is for you, if you’re passionate about restoring the climate. Like us.

We aim for nothing short of half a gigaton of greenhouse gas drawdown per year.

We what we do.

We love solving really hard problems! Sure, we’re geeks, but we’re full-fledged humans too! We have a track record of solving really hard problems. When we hear “cannot be done,” we try harder and get it done.



Cindi Thompson, PhD
Co-founder and CEO

Data scientist since before the term existed; passionate about solving the climate crisis, using her mad skillz in AI, R&D, and consulting


Darla Hewett
Co-founder and CTO

Serial entrepreneur and data engineer; passionate about solving the climate crisis; modeling wizard; carrying the torch lit by Doug Engelbart



Marshall Mayberry, PhD
AI Engineer

NLP and AI expert; R&D, education, consulting; proved a long-standing AI question



Carrie Norton

Founder and CEO of Green Business BASE CAMP


Brett Gentry

28 years of startup experience across multiple domains


Daniel Burillo, PhD

Consulting, auditing, R&D in energy and environment

Cutting Edge Technology

Visionaries have said that the highest and best chance of addressing our climate challenges requires capability amplification for all contributors, no matter how or where the contribution is made. We provide this amplification using three technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI capabilities that sense your context and adapt appropriately. Communicate smoothly with natural voice and text interactions. Make confident decisions with recommendation assistants. Extend understanding with automated inference. Sign up to learn more.

Graph Database

Use our novel, graph-based knowledge repository to easily enter and update complex information and relationships. Track decisions as climate situations change over time. Securely and flexibly collaborate with all stakeholders. Sign up to learn more.

Virtual Assistant

Empower subject matter experts with our virtual assistant, which communicates with natural voice and text interactions. Facilitate your whole team to easily and continually train their assistant to serve their needs. Move your team forward independently of programmers. Sign up to learn more.

Providing a Solution.

Inspired by Visionaries.

And you ain’t seen nothing yet...

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